SPORTE.3Q aims to address the energy and water nexus in Stadiums and Sports Facilities, within their local ecosystem (district), by developing a smart performance management solution to optimize energy and water use and assist in the process of decision making. The SPORTE.3Q project makes use of the Cardiff University TRL 7 CUSP (Computational Urban Sustainability Platform) to address effectively the endemic gap between the stadium desired and actual energy and water usage. The SPORTE.3Q solution will be flexible and adaptable for any new and existing infrastructures and will target to reduce energy consumption by 30–80% and water usage by 10–40%, with commensurate CO2 reductions and cost savings. The project will implement SPORTE.3Q solution in two stadiums (Al-Thumama and Khalifa International) and demonstrate the effectiveness of energy and water management in real-operation contexts. Various stakeholders in the vast value-chain of stadiums and sports facilities are involved in the project consortium to support with development tasks and exploitation of project results.

Taking the IoT to the next level

Our vision is centred around the concept of a dynamic and self-updatable digital conceptualization of a building that fully exploits pervasive sensing technologies.

Underpinned by Semantics

These digital technologies will help maintain a dynamic representation of a building necessary to provide real-time building performance (including energy) accounts.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Cities and districts stand at the forefront of sustainability objectives, leading to the need of operational efficiency improvement through intelligent management solutions.

6,122,475 kWh

1,824,710 kWh in Electricity
4,297,764 kWh in Gas

Average 9,110 kWh per hour

2,398,441 kg Carbon impact

1,289,489 kg for Electricity
1,108,951 kg for Gas




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